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X Cube Implant Motor

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  • The X CUBE is a powerful, user-friendly surgical motor system used for general oral surgery, implantology as well as for all kinds of micro-surgery procedures. This implant kit is the best value in the industry and comes with everything needed to get started tomorrow.

    • Saeshin 20:1 Improved Implant Handpiece (Button Type)
    • Reduction Gear Ratio 20:1
    • Torque: 20:1 (5.0 ~ 55 Ncm)
    • RPM range with 20:1 Angle: 30 – 2500
    • Autoclavable
    • Speed control from 600 to 50,000 RPM and strong torque
    • No noise and vibration help to improve the concentration during surgery
    • If the load on the bur is higher than the set torque, then the motor is stopped automatically after 2 seconds.
    • In order to release the overload function, simply push the foot control pedal
    • Eye-appealing LCD and simple interface
    • 10 programmable memories for setting the Speed, Torque, Rotating Direction, and Irrigation Pump
    • Ergonomic Foot Control Pedal to control all the functions during surgery both easily and quickly
    • Quiet and strong water pump (5 stage control)
    • Self-diagnosis Function
    • Membrane Touch Display


  • Contra Angle Handpiece (ACL(B)-61I)

    • Non-optic
    • 20:1
    • Max 2,500 RPM
    • Weight 2.2 oz

    E-type Motor (FORTE 100αEI)

    • Non-optic
    • Max. 50,000 RPM(1:1)
    • Weight 9.5 oz

    Control box (X-CUBE)

    • Dimension W205 x D210 x H136
    • Weight 7.3 lbs
    • Max Torque 55

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