Dr. John West JW17 Instruments


Dr. Ziv Simon

"DoWell is an excellent company and I’m never shy to express this. The only problem is that your instruments don’t BREAK and therefore no need to buy too many kits… I am looking forward to our future collaboration."

Dr. Samuel Lee

DoWell Dental Products carries innovative dental instruments that reduces treatment and morbidity to our patients. I am extremely satisfied with DoWell’s quality, and for their friendly service. Thank you Dowell for being there for us!

Dr. Bianca & Dr. Gary Miller

DoWell Piezo ART instrument are GREAT!

I have purchased and I am using the DoWell Piezo ART instrument for removals and sinus augmentation with great ease and textbook success for my patient’s health, comfort, and their restorative reconstruction.

Dr. Bachle

"I love all of my products from DoWell!!

I love all of my products from DoWell Dental Products. Their quality and customer service always goes beyond my expectations."

Dr. Joel R. Benk

I like Dowell Piezo Art. I really like Dowell's Piezo Art!
Especially their Fissured Osteotomy Piezo Tips.


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X Cube Implant Motor

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  • The X CUBE is a powerful, user-friendly surgical motor system used for general oral surgery, implantology as well as for all kinds of micro-surgery procedures. This implant kit is the best value in the industry and comes with everything needed to get started tomorrow.

    • Saeshin 20:1 Improved Implant Handpiece (Button Type)
    • Reduction Gear Ratio 20:1
    • Torque: 20:1 (5.0 ~ 55 Ncm)
    • RPM range with 20:1 Angle: 30 – 2500
    • Autoclavable
    • Speed control from 600 to 50,000 RPM and strong torque
    • No noise and vibration help to improve the concentration during surgery
    • If the load on the bur is higher than the set torque, then the motor is stopped automatically after 2 seconds.
    • In order to release the overload function, simply push the foot control pedal
    • Eye-appealing LCD and simple interface
    • 10 programmable memories for setting the Speed, Torque, Rotating Direction, and Irrigation Pump
    • Ergonomic Foot Control Pedal to control all the functions during surgery both easily and quickly
    • Quiet and strong water pump (5 stage control)
    • Self-diagnosis Function
    • Membrane Touch Display


  • Contra Angle Handpiece (ACL(B)-61I)

    • Non-optic
    • 20:1
    • Max 2,500 RPM
    • Weight 2.2 oz

    E-type Motor (FORTE 100αEI)

    • Non-optic
    • Max. 50,000 RPM(1:1)
    • Weight 9.5 oz

    Control box (X-CUBE)

    • Dimension W205 x D210 x H136
    • Weight 7.3 lbs
    • Max Torque 55 N.cm