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Piezo Ultrasonic Surgery Basic Surgery Tips Set

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Piezo Ultrasonic Basic Surgery Tips Set with diamond tips for precise bone cutting in implant site preparation and numerous procedures such as: 

extraction, ridge expansion, bone block grafting, sinus lift lateral approach, bone grafting, and crown lengthening.

Includes: 8 Tips and 1 Tip Holder:
BM-EX1 - Straight Piezo Tip
BM-SL1 - Trumpet Umbrella Piezo Tip
BM-OT1 - Square Diamond Piezo Tip
BM-OT4 - Diamond Piezo Tip
BM-OT5 - Round Diamond Piezo Tip
BM-HB2 - Round Bone Scraper Piezo Tip
BM-HB1 - Flat Scraper Piezo Tip
BM-RS1 - Bone Saw Piezo Tip

All Piezo Ultrasonic Surgery tips are compatible with PiezoEX1 and PiezoEX2 Surgery Units.

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