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OsteoGen® Plug

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The OsteoGen bone grafting plug is made from a combination of bioactive resorbable calcium apatite and bovine Achilles tendon collagen matrix to create a structure that mimics the organic and inorganic components of natural bone growth. The plugs are not just ordinary collagen plugs that act as wound dressing, these plugs also assist with both the healing process and bone grafts for socket preservation.

The OsteoGen bone grafting plug is an easy-to-use and affordable way to administer bone grafts. Preserve your patient’s gum walls with OsteoGen plugs today. They don’t even need a membrane to be effective or to assist with keeping unwanted particles out of the extraction site. Simply place the plug into the socket dry and suture in place. These dental collagen plugs are clinically proven to grow ideal bone in preparation for dental implants in a controlled and predictable manner. They can be used as an alternative to your typical allograft or membrane graft, with the additional benefit of having no risk of membrane dislodgement or particulate washout.

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