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Horizon Spin Set: PRF Centrifuge

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Easy to Use
Program and recall 10 cycles on the DW HorizonSpin through the digital display.
Spin 75-100 mm (3-10 mL) tubes in the same holder without cushions.
Easy to Monitor
Process samples more efficiently with DW HorizonSpin’s LED lid lighting: off
when the centrifuge is ready to load, on when running, and flashing at the end of
Built to Last
No routine maintenance. Brushless motor-engineered composite components.

A Great Value
Unbeatable quality for any budget. Each DW HorizonSpin centrifuge is ready to run
with fixed angle rotor, universal 75-100 mm (3-10 mL) tube holders, and 2-year
warranty included in the affordable price.
Meet your centrifugation needs with DW HorizonSpin. Easy to use, easy to
read, and ready to spin.

Engineered for Safety
Protect your lab with imbalance detection and a shatterproof lid that can only
be opened when the rotor is stopped, even if the unit loses power.


1  Horizon Spin
50 9ML Serum Clot Activator Blood Collection Tubes (Red)
2_ PRF Box
2_ Atraumatic Tweezers (S1286)
2_ Goldman Fox Scissors (S1169TC)

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