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Dr. Ziv Simon

"DoWell is an excellent company and I’m never shy to express this. The only problem is that your instruments don’t BREAK and therefore no need to buy too many kits… I am looking forward to our future collaboration."

Dr. Samuel Lee

DoWell Dental Products carries innovative dental instruments that reduces treatment and morbidity to our patients. I am extremely satisfied with DoWell’s quality, and for their friendly service. Thank you Dowell for being there for us!

Dr. Bianca & Dr. Gary Miller

DoWell Piezo ART instrument are GREAT!

I have purchased and I am using the DoWell Piezo ART instrument for removals and sinus augmentation with great ease and textbook success for my patient’s health, comfort, and their restorative reconstruction.

Dr. Bachle

"I love all of my products from DoWell!!

I love all of my products from DoWell Dental Products. Their quality and customer service always goes beyond my expectations."

Dr. Joel R. Benk

I like Dowell Piezo Art. I really like Dowell's Piezo Art!
Especially their Fissured Osteotomy Piezo Tips.


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CollaForm Singles Wound Dressing

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-12mm x 20mm x 3mm 12x20x3mm

-Box of 5

CollaForm® Collagen Wound Dressing - Box of 5

*Absorbable collagen wound dressing composed of bovine collagen

*Absorption time is 4-6 weeks on average

*Available in singles (12mm x 20mm x 3mm) and plugs (10mm x 20mm)

*Singles maintain graft in extraction site for ridge preservation

*Socket grafting without primary closure allowing keratinized tissue preservation

*Economical and easy to handle - packaged in a box of 5

® Singles
Absorbable Collagen Wound Dressing

Product Description:

CollaForm® products have an absorption time of approximately 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the patient’s age or metabolism. The products are soft, white, and pliable absorbable collagen, especially when hydrated.

CollaForm® plugs and singles are fabricated from a native fibrous collagen matrix derived from purified bovine Achilles tendon. The raw collagen products are imported from New Zealand where bovine spongiform encephalopathy has never been reported.

The products do not stick to instruments and can be applied easily to a bleeding surgical site. The products are non-toxic and non-pyrogenic. Products are indicated for single use only.

Each CollaForm® product is supplied sterile and packaged individually in a double pouch or blister tray in a box of 5 units.
A collagen dressing provides a healing environment for moist areas of the body, such as the mouth. It can be used after dental surgery to help reduce blood loss, promote blood clots, and prevent dry sockets. CollaForm absorbable wound dressing is made from bovine collagen taken from the animal’s Achilles tendon. It helps promote the body’s natural healing response by providing additional collagen enzymes that the body can absorb and use for new tissue growth. Since the collagen wound dressing can be naturally absorbed, usually within four to six weeks, there is no need to replace or remove the dressing. This makes CollaForm singles an effective and low-hassle solution to maintaining a graft extraction site, and an easy way to assist in ridge preservation post-operation. These wound dressing singles are highly flexible and malleable, allowing them to be molded into any shape to fill in complicated gaps. They do not stick to surgical instruments, and they become even easier to shape when wet, making them an ideal plug for bleeding or exposed areas of the mouth.