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University Implant Educators

This month we are excited to introduce University Implant Educators as a top institute for comprehensive dental implant training and continued education credits.


About The School

University Implant Educators (UIE) is ran by the highly respected Dr. Francis Jones who has tremendous amount of knowledge, experience and talent regarding implants. The institute has successfully taught practitioners from all over the world for over five years, as well as positively impacted their businesses. Dr. Jones has built a talented team of instructors and assistants who go above and beyond.


What To Expect

Students who attend a UIE course can expect thorough and engaging class instruction followed by hands-on training with live patients. Students and staff will diagnose together, create a course of action and proceed. Students are provided numerous amounts of patients and situations in order to ensure they can peform under any circumstance when on their own. 

In some course locations such as Mexico, UIE provides assistants who are nearly finished with dental school and have been assistanting to place implants for years. This is very helpful to dentist as well as to dentist assistants who come to learn beside their doctors. Courses also provide students opportunity to learn and use instruments and machines to perform techniques which increase productivity and quality.  



Courses in San Diego, California provide students acccomodations in Mexico, where they will receive beyond what is expected out of an institute. Students will be chartered around the city to quality restaurants that will help the students digest all information they learned while relaxing as a large group. Here students and staff will be able to talk and gain more than just instruction and experience; students will construct friendships and support systems. 



Upon completion of the course, practitioners will receive a certificate of achievement during a ceremony. The environment of the ceremonies aide the learning process and bring value to the experience.



University Implant Educators is based in Santa Monica, California, however, the institute provides courses in different locations such as San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Jamaica. 


More  Information

Visit their website by clicking ->


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