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PiezoEX Unit PRE & POST Surgery Handling Tips


There are a couple of steps that need to be taken before starting surgery with your PiezoEX unit. 

1) Start by installing the irrigation line. At the opposite end of the spike, insert the other end of the metal connector. (If the irrigation line is too small, cut the tubing so it fits appropriately)

2) Open the gray housing on the side of the PiezoEX motor by pressing back on the lever or removing magnetic cover. 

3) Insert the irrigation tube into the housing so that it fits snug. (The irrigation line MUST be straight before closing as any slack in the line will cause poor irrigation)

4) Plug the spike into a saline bag. (Sterile water is okay)

5) Press the flush function to start the flow of irrigation. Once the irrigation starts flowing from the hand-piece you can stop the flush function. (If there is no water moving through the irrigation line, re-check the line inside the gray housing.)

6) Make sure the battery inside the foot pedal is good. 



Once surgery is done, there are a few steps that should be done before putting parts in the autoclave.

1) Remove the spike from the saline bag and insert it into a container of distilled water.

2) Press the flush function and let it cycle the full 5 minutes.

3) Once the flushing is complete, remove all the pieces from the PiezoEX motor. (Hand-piece, metal connector, and tips)

4) You are now ready to autoclave your PiezoEX components. (Make sure to detach the metal connector completely before autoclaving. Rust will occur if left on the hand-piece while in the autoclave)

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