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Oz-Plus 50,000 RPM Slim Brushless Micro Motor Handpiece Set

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Oz Plus – Standard Brushless motor set

Oz Plus is a compact and high-performance electronic drill system with a standard-sized brushless motor handpiece

Oz Plus (Control box)

  • Self-diagnostic Error display
  • Work memory storage
  • One year warranty
  • Set includes Oz Plus control box, F100αEIII brushless handpiece, speed control pedal, motor handpiece stand, one fuse, and one wrench.

FORTE 100αIII (Handpiece)

  • Brushless handpiece
  • Wider HP for Larger-Hand Technician
  • Strong Durable Motor
  • RPM: Max 50,000RPM
  • 7.8
  • Weight: 254g
  • Dimension : 171mm / 29 Φ

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