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This course is aimed to simplify and help complicated surgery for the general dental surgeon using piezo techniques. These procedures include surgeries such as wisdom tooth (including horizontal and vertical impaction), root remnant extraction and extraction for Orthodontics. It will explain how to eliminate the potential risk factors by analyzing the side effects and the cause of failure with in-depth knowledge of anatomical structure, radiation diagnosis, and effective surgical methods. It will cover from A to Z, step by step from normal and complicated wisdom tooth extraction, root remnant extraction, and atraumatic extraction that saves the bone around the tooth for minimal pain and swelling in addition to the best prognosis for socket preservation and immediate implant placement. Hands on animation and live surgery videos for an in-depth learning experience. 


  • To Extract Or Not To Extract?
  • Comprehensive Concepts Of Intra Oral Surgery.
  • Anatomy For Tooth Extraction.
  • Radiographic Analysis.
  • Medico-pharmacology For Extraction.
  • Complications Of Extractions.
  • Treatment Plan For Extraction.
  • Atraumatic Tooth Extraction.
  • Easy & Safe Wisdom Tooth Extraction Normal Eruption Mesial Or Distal Tilting Impacted
  • Post-care Of Tooth Extraction.
  • Tips And Tricks To Simplify Procedures.

Locations: Las Vegas, NV - April 24-25, 2020
                   Houston, TX - June 26-27, 2020

Registration: $500. This course is FREE to current Piezo Customers. Refer a friend - they receive a 50% discount.

FREE KIT with Registration - Sinus, Ridge Split, Extraction, Basic Implant

Attendees will receive 12 C/E Credits.